Legal information

When you buy a Perch license you help to ensure that Perch has a long future and that we can continue to support and improve the product. We try to be as clear and design agency friendly as we can with our licensing and payment terms.


Please read our license agreement before buying Perch or Perch Runway. It explains the terms of the license you are purchasing. If you have any questions, you can drop us a line.

Transferring Licenses

We allow licenses (other than Runway Developer licenses) to be transferred. This means that you can purchase a license on behalf of your client and, when the site is handed over, also transfer the license to the client if you want to. We’d recommend you do this if you stop working with the client at any point so they own the license tied to their site.

All you need do to initiate this is to get your client to create a Perch Account, then we need an email from the email address tied to your account with the license key, and the email address of the account to transfer the license to.

Developer licensing

For Perch Runway only we have a lower priced Developer License with some restrictions. You can read all the details here.

Perch technical support

Support is included with all Perch licenses. In the first instance you should post requests to our forum. If you are a client whose website has been built using Perch then you should direct requests to your website designer. We don’t have specific knowledge about any individual site, and we do not host your site or have access to your password.

Payment and VAT

We take payment by PayPal and Stripe. If you are in the UK we add VAT to the purchase price, if you are in the EU we add VAT at your rate of VAT unless you provide a VAT number. You can read full details about VAT.

Our pricing is based on GBP. We offer payment in GBP, Euro and US Dollars and periodically review exchange rates to adjust the Euro and dollar pricing. You may purchase in any currency that you wish.

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